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Gone Fishing Bride & Groom Cake Topper

Gone Fishing Bride and Groom Cake TopperBrides wishing to show off their big catch will want to purchase one of these wedding cake toppers. The Gone Fishing Bride & Groom Cake Topper shows a bride who is reeling in her groom with a fishing pole as he tries to escape from her at the wedding.

Many couples will enjoy showing their sense of humour or their favourite hobby with one of the many unique wedding cake toppers that are available. Anyone wanting to show how the bride hooked her groom or even couples who are fans of fishing will enjoy incorporating one of these wedding cake decorations on top of their cake.

The bride and the groom featured on the topper have brown hair and are both Caucasian. In addition, the bridal gown worn by the bride figure is white and the groom figure’s suit is black in colour. The groom is shown trying to escape into the water. A small brown basket with pink flowers is also incorporated near the bride’s feet.

The wedding cake decorations used on a cake should reflect the personality of the couple. The Gone Fishing Bride & Groom Cake Topper is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to give their guests a laugh at their wedding.

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Review: Elegant and Statuesque Wedding Cake Topper

Elegant and Statuesque Wedding Cake TopperElegant and statuesque, this Always & Forever Wedding Cake Topper by Enesco was my first choice among all the other wedding cake toppers that I’ve considered. At about 19 centimeters tall, it was the perfect size for the top of our 250-guest wedding cake – but I imagine it could also work for smaller or larger cakes as well. It even stayed in place even though the cake was moved a few times through out the day.

The colour is a matte white finish so it went perfectly with our wedding cake decorations. This cake topper is made of porcelain or ceramic, I think, so it is really delicate. It even looks lovely on our mantle after the wedding is over. A beautiful statue to remember our beautiful day.

Some of the wedding cake toppers we considered had paint on them that would chip off! Something about that just seems unsafe. The idea of paint chipping off and getting onto the cake that people eat is just dangerous and gross. I was really excited to find this cake topper because it is made really well. No risk of paint in our cake!

Also, we ended up completely changing the wedding cake decorations, flavours and colours a few weeks before the wedding. The Always & Forever cake topper is so simple, classy and elegant that it worked with both cake designs. No one ever suspected that we bought the cake topper and then changed the cake design!

I highly recommend this wedding cake topper.

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Love Birds for Your Wedding Day

Love Birds for Your Wedding DayEveryone wants their big day to be special and memorable. Having the right decorations and accessories can, oftentimes, make or break the ultimate wedding. One accessory that should not be overlooked is the wedding cake topper. There are hundreds of wedding cake decorations to choose from and this includes wedding cake toppers. One that truly stands out is the Love Birds cake topper by Kressies Wedding Accessories.

Many wedding cake toppers are either too plain, or just completely over-the-top. The Love Birds topper features a pair of doves sharing a meaningful gaze. Below the resin doves is an elegant display of beads and flowers in taupe and ivory. Also, if wedding cake toppers are too large they may outshine the actual cake, and on the other hand if they are too small, go completely unnoticed. The Love Birds wedding cake decorations offer the perfect size at five inches tall, with a base of three and a half inches. The bottom is flat which makes them easy to place on the top of any wedding cake.

Love Birds are a time honored symbol of lasting love and figures that many believe bring luck to the newlywed couple. This wedding cake decoration offers an elegant piece that adds just the right touch to any wedding cake without being overpowering. Now the bride and groom can have a lasting piece to display proudly in their home long after the wedding is over, with the Love Birds cake topper.

This love birds wedding cake topper has an RRP of £55.99 but is available via this link for £50.99  Click “Shop Now” for further details as well as reviews of this cake topper.

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Rhinestone & Pearl Tiara Wedding Cake Topper

Rhinestone & Pearl Tiara Wedding Cake TopperIf you are looking for a beautiful wedding cake toppers that are different than the normal toppers, then this one is it. The rhinestone and pearl tiara wedding cake topper is something that all of your wedding guests will love. The base is made of white resin so it will match any cake colour that you choose. The topper itself is metallic and you can bend the topper to fit your cake the way the you want it to.


The topper is 5 and a half inches tall, so it will make a statement on your cake without being too large. These wedding cake toppers have pearl and rhinestones decorating them. They are very simple and elegant looking. They are a great option instead of the normal bride and groom cake topper that are on the top of so many wedding cakes.


This is the wedding cake topper that you should buy if you would like something that is understated yet beautiful. The cake topper is not very expensive, so it should help you stay within your budget too. Buying this wedding cake topper will be a wonderful addition to your special day, and you will love looking back at it in the wedding pictures.

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Wedding Cake Toppers for Winter Weddings!

Winter is replacing spring as the perfect season for a romantic wedding. The swirling snow and twinkling lights set the scene for a lovely Christmas time ceremony. With this new trend, wedding designers have come out with new lines of winter wedding decorations. Deep reds and greens against silvers and cream set the tone for a cozy, special day. One special detail to fit in the winter-time theme is the cake topper.


Today there are wedding cake toppers to fit any style but winter toppers have a special snowy wonder to make your cake special and memorable. Delicate snowflakes look beautiful against the white icing of an elegant cake and angels and snowmen add a whimsical touch. Wedding cake toppers with a little bride and groom bundled up in the snow is a cute and unique detail. Christmas weddings open up all sorts of possibilities for rustic decor and beautifully decorated trees.


Boughs of greenery and strings of cranberries bring a subtle colour scheme to the day. When your guests step in from the cold into the warm and inviting winter wonderland of your wedding, it will feel like Christmas morning. Pumpkin pies and hot apple cider are a perfect treat and long strings of white, twinkling lights look elegant and cheery. Winter is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and a perfect setting as well.

“Picture Perfect” Wedding Cake Topper

Picture Perfect Wedding Cake TopperWeddings are about a time to celebrate love and happily ever after. While it can be a romantic time, it can also have a flare of humor. The wedding cake is one thing that people can do to add a bit of light hearted humor to the occasion. For decades people have used wedding cake toppers to make the cake stand out. The picture perfect wedding topper, is the perfect addition to any cake. It can not only be used on a cupcake stand or a traditional cake. This wedding cake topper can be re-used again and again. It can bring humor to several folks, so it is perfect for cake decorators, who would like to reuse it.


This hand painted figure is light weight and will not be too bulky. Made of high quality materials, this cake topper will last for years to come. The colours used can match any theme. The beautiful gold in the picture frame, would be a great compliment for a gold and silver wedding. The characters, while dressed for a wedding, are neutral so they can match any themes. Wedding Acrylics sells many Wedding cake toppers in this light hearted line, this one is just a bit unusual. Whether one is looking for their business or personal use, the “Picture Perfect” Wedding Cake Topper, are pretty as a picture.

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Romantic Silhouette Of Love Wedding Cake Topper

Romantic Silhouette Of Love Wedding Cake TopperThis romantic wedding cake topper figurine features a bride and groom in loving embrace. The groom has his hands lovingly around his bride’s waist while she leans back into his arms and caresses his face with her fingers.


This elegant and contemporary, yet still traditional piece will look beautiful adorning your wedding cake and after your wedding day it will make a lasting memento for you to look at and remember your special day for years to come.


This wedding cake topper is brought to you by Bella Novia, and is exclusive to them, so you are not going to find this piece everywhere, making it a little more unique than some wedding cake toppers.

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Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Wedding Cake Toppers

Disney fans are going to love these Mickey and Minnie Mouse bride and groom wedding cake toppers; they are all made in a traditional bride and groom style whilst being something a little different with a definite cute factor. The wedding cake toppers are perfect for couples who love Disney and would like to incorporate a little piece of their very own fairytale Disney into their wedding day, they will without doubt make a lasting impression and be something that guests will talk about and admire.


All these wedding cake toppers would look perfect adorning a wedding cake but they would equally make the perfect gift for the bride and groom on their special day to keep as a lasting reminder of the wonderful day they had.



Beach Scene Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper

Beach Scene Bride and Groom Wedding Cake topperThis beach scene bride and groom wedding cake topper is just perfect for the couple who love to travel! If you are having the perfect honeymoon at the beach or are getting married abroad and like to do things a little differently, then this is the wedding cake topper for you.

Whilst this wedding cake toppers isn’t what some people would consider traditional it’s perfect for the couple that like to have a little fun in their life and it is still in keeping with the traditional bride and groom theme for the top of your wedding cake. It will certainly be a great talking point with your guests and we are sure that many future brides will be asking where you found such a personalised wedding cake topper for your wedding day.

So if you and your hubby to be a dreaming of walking hand in hand on a beach of white sand and blue sea, then why not buy this and afterwards keep it as a wonderful reminder of your very special and unique wedding day. You will be looking at it for many years to come and it will always remind you that you did your wedding, your way!

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Circle of Love Wedding Cake Topper

Circle of Love Wedding Cake TopperThis wedding cake topper is made by Enesco and is made from the finest quality porcelain. Beautifully simple yet elegant this wedding cake topper will look stunning on your wedding cake; the two figurines are standing beside each other with their heads touching and their arms entwined together in circles of everlasting love.


This decorative contemporary designed wedding cake topper is suitable as a cake topper for your wedding cake but would look equally beautiful standing next to a cake stand of wedding cup cakes.


Standing at 19cm this Circle of love wedding cake topper is as suitable for a same sex lesbian wedding as it is for a heterosexual wedding and will give a feeling of warmth, love and closeness to any happy couple’s very special day.


This figurine will be treasured for years after the wedding day and would make a wonderful gift to the happy couple to remind them of their special day as each sculpture comes carefully packaged in a gift box.

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