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Netherlands’ hosts 1st gay wedding fair

The Neterlands played host this month to their first ever gay and lesbian wedding fair.

The event featured 75 exhibitors who sold the entire range of wedding prodcuts and services but with the focus on same sex couples.

The centre piece of the event was a huge pink limo with all sorts of glitter balls, balloons, flowers and funky disco music to tie the theme together.

Stalls included gay freindly photographers, honeymoon packages, outragous wedding dresses and suits as well as personalised flambouyant jewellery.

A most popular attraction was an exhibition of wedding cake toppers for same sex couples.

“This is a unique product and in high demand,” said Jaschenka Snaar, who manned the stand and said she was excited to be part of such an historic event.

“Still today, even in the Netherlands, gay couples are sometimes stared at. It is important that they have a comfortable place where they can go for their wedding planning.”

The Neterrlands has always been at the forefront of gay and lesbian rights and was the first to legalise gay and lesbian marriages in 2001.

Since 2001 there have been over 12,000 same sex couple marriages representing almost 2% of all marriages in the Netherlands.