Cinderella and Her Prince Charming

Cinderella and Her Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper

A romantic tale that never gets old, Cinderella has her prince charming and all is right with the world as they dance together as one.

The perfect fairytale that every girl dreams of having when she sees the 1950’s Disney classic Cinderella. It’s a fairytale that brings two people together in love, despite their different lives, to live happily ever after.

This “Happily Ever After” ceramic Disney wedding cake topper is beautifully crafted as part of the (WDCC) Walt Disney Classics Collection 2006 edition. Standing at 16.5cm high, every detail has been thought of from the satin detail of Cinderella’s veil to her opalescent dress and the metallic paint finishes.

The perfect wedding cake topper for the princess who believes in fairytales, and wants her and her very own prince charming to have a wedding with a magical fairytale theme to remember.

Buy this lifelong keepsake for £115

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