Love Birds for Your Wedding Day

Love Birds for Your Wedding DayEveryone wants their big day to be special and memorable. Having the right decorations and accessories can, oftentimes, make or break the ultimate wedding. One accessory that should not be overlooked is the wedding cake topper. There are hundreds of wedding cake decorations to choose from and this includes wedding cake toppers. One that truly stands out is the Love Birds cake topper by Kressies Wedding Accessories.

Many wedding cake toppers are either too plain, or just completely over-the-top. The Love Birds topper features a pair of doves sharing a meaningful gaze. Below the resin doves is an elegant display of beads and flowers in taupe and ivory. Also, if wedding cake toppers are too large they may outshine the actual cake, and on the other hand if they are too small, go completely unnoticed. The Love Birds wedding cake decorations offer the perfect size at five inches tall, with a base of three and a half inches. The bottom is flat which makes them easy to place on the top of any wedding cake.

Love Birds are a time honored symbol of lasting love and figures that many believe bring luck to the newlywed couple. This wedding cake decoration offers an elegant piece that adds just the right touch to any wedding cake without being overpowering. Now the bride and groom can have a lasting piece to display proudly in their home long after the wedding is over, with the Love Birds cake topper.

This love birds wedding cake topper has an RRP of £55.99 but is available via this link for £50.99  Click “Shop Now” for further details as well as reviews of this cake topper.

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