“Picture Perfect” Wedding Cake Topper

Picture Perfect Wedding Cake TopperWeddings are about a time to celebrate love and happily ever after. While it can be a romantic time, it can also have a flare of humor. The wedding cake is one thing that people can do to add a bit of light hearted humor to the occasion. For decades people have used wedding cake toppers to make the cake stand out. The picture perfect wedding topper, is the perfect addition to any cake. It can not only be used on a cupcake stand or a traditional cake. This wedding cake topper can be re-used again and again. It can bring humor to several folks, so it is perfect for cake decorators, who would like to reuse it.


This hand painted figure is light weight and will not be too bulky. Made of high quality materials, this cake topper will last for years to come. The colours used can match any theme. The beautiful gold in the picture frame, would be a great compliment for a gold and silver wedding. The characters, while dressed for a wedding, are neutral so they can match any themes. Wedding Acrylics sells many Wedding cake toppers in this light hearted line, this one is just a bit unusual. Whether one is looking for their business or personal use, the “Picture Perfect” Wedding Cake Topper, are pretty as a picture.

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