Review: Elegant and Statuesque Wedding Cake Topper

Elegant and Statuesque Wedding Cake TopperElegant and statuesque, this Always & Forever Wedding Cake Topper by Enesco was my first choice among all the other wedding cake toppers that I’ve considered. At about 19 centimeters tall, it was the perfect size for the top of our 250-guest wedding cake – but I imagine it could also work for smaller or larger cakes as well. It even stayed in place even though the cake was moved a few times through out the day.

The colour is a matte white finish so it went perfectly with our wedding cake decorations. This cake topper is made of porcelain or ceramic, I think, so it is really delicate. It even looks lovely on our mantle after the wedding is over. A beautiful statue to remember our beautiful day.

Some of the wedding cake toppers we considered had paint on them that would chip off! Something about that just seems unsafe. The idea of paint chipping off and getting onto the cake that people eat is just dangerous and gross. I was really excited to find this cake topper because it is made really well. No risk of paint in our cake!

Also, we ended up completely changing the wedding cake decorations, flavours and colours a few weeks before the wedding. The Always & Forever cake topper is so simple, classy and elegant that it worked with both cake designs. No one ever suspected that we bought the cake topper and then changed the cake design!

I highly recommend this wedding cake topper.

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