Wedding Cake Toppers for Winter Weddings!

Winter is replacing spring as the perfect season for a romantic wedding. The swirling snow and twinkling lights set the scene for a lovely Christmas time ceremony. With this new trend, wedding designers have come out with new lines of winter wedding decorations. Deep reds and greens against silvers and cream set the tone for a cozy, special day. One special detail to fit in the winter-time theme is the cake topper.


Today there are wedding cake toppers to fit any style but winter toppers have a special snowy wonder to make your cake special and memorable. Delicate snowflakes look beautiful against the white icing of an elegant cake and angels and snowmen add a whimsical touch. Wedding cake toppers with a little bride and groom bundled up in the snow is a cute and unique detail. Christmas weddings open up all sorts of possibilities for rustic decor and beautifully decorated trees.


Boughs of greenery and strings of cranberries bring a subtle colour scheme to the day. When your guests step in from the cold into the warm and inviting winter wonderland of your wedding, it will feel like Christmas morning. Pumpkin pies and hot apple cider are a perfect treat and long strings of white, twinkling lights look elegant and cheery. Winter is a beautiful time of year for a wedding and a perfect setting as well.

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