Humorous Toppers

There are some people who spend their lives dreaming of their wedding day knowing they want all the traditional finishing touches to make their day a day to remember.

Some people however prefer to do things a little differently and want to have a wedding that tailors to their own unique personality or sense of humour; maybe you are having a very traditional wedding and want to slip in a little humour somewhere inconspicuously as a little personal touch. It’s your big day and nowaday’s anything goes, gone are the days of having to do things in a certain way!

For these kinds of people there are humorous cake toppers that can just show a little bit of your own style on your big day. You can buy cake toppers to match to your hobbies i.e. fishing, golfing, shopping etc.

Are you known for being on your mobile phone a lot? A humorous touch would be for there to be bride and groom figurines with mobile phones attached their ears on top of your wedding cake.

There are many humorous wedding cake toppers on the market and with bride and grooms wearing balls and chains, having tiffs, passionately kissing and brides and grooms running away to name just a few there should be one to suit your own unique style and taste.

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