True Romance Wedding Cake Topper

True Romance Wedding Cake TopperThis bride and groom wedding cake topper figurine is very romantic. The groom has his bride held up in his arms whilst they lovingly gazing into one another’s eyes as if there is no one else in room watching them.


This wedding cake topper is perfect if you want a traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper but you still want a sense of humorous fun to shine through on your wedding day, we are sure you will agree that this cake topper has just the right amount of fun and light heartedness without going over the top and upsetting your great aunt Edna.


The wedding cake topper is made from resin and is hand painted to an excellent finish, the topper stands at 4.25 inches high which is 115mm and the wedding cake topper is both perfect for wedding cakes and for use with cupcake stands. This wedding cake topper will make a wonderful keepsake of your wedding day to treasure for years to come.

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Royal Doulton Bride and Groom Figurines

Royal Doulton Bride and Groom FigurinesThis beautiful and elegant bride and groom wedding cake topper is brought to you by Royal Doulton a brand which is known for its quality, beauty and style. Each wedding cake topper comes boxed with its own certificate of authenticity and the figurine measure 17cm high.


This traditionally styled wedding cake topper is very romantic and shows the bride in a traditional long wedding dress gown and the groom in a morning suit in loving embrace with their arms around one another, whilst gazing into each other eyes as if no one else in the world matter.


This wonderful wedding cake topper will look truly stunning on top of your wedding cake and will be a treasured memento of your special day to keep for years. This wedding cake topper would also make a beautiful wedding gift for a special friend or family member to either commemorate their wedding day or their anniversary.


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Humorous “Love Match” Rugby Wedding Cake Topper

Humorous Love Match Rugby Wedding Cake TopperThis humorous rugby themed wedding cake topper is the perfect way to put a little light hearted fun into your wedding day. The topper stands at 115mm tall which is 4.25 inches for those of you who work in imperial measurements. This wedding cake topper figurine is made from resin and is hand painted and finished to a high standard.

The groom is depicted carrying a rugby ball and running on the grass towards the touchline, whilst his beautiful bride has her arms around his waist clinging on for the ride in full wedding dress. This wedding cake topper is perfect for the family who love “egg ball” and it’s guaranteed to be a wonderful talking point on the wedding day. Ideal for on top of your wedding cake but also perfect for use with cupcake stands or a personal, fun way to decorate your wedding tables as centrepieces.

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Cinderella and Her Prince Charming

Cinderella and Her Prince Charming Wedding Cake Topper

A romantic tale that never gets old, Cinderella has her prince charming and all is right with the world as they dance together as one.

The perfect fairytale that every girl dreams of having when she sees the 1950’s Disney classic Cinderella. It’s a fairytale that brings two people together in love, despite their different lives, to live happily ever after.

This “Happily Ever After” ceramic Disney wedding cake topper is beautifully crafted as part of the (WDCC) Walt Disney Classics Collection 2006 edition. Standing at 16.5cm high, every detail has been thought of from the satin detail of Cinderella’s veil to her opalescent dress and the metallic paint finishes.

The perfect wedding cake topper for the princess who believes in fairytales, and wants her and her very own prince charming to have a wedding with a magical fairytale theme to remember.

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Flowered Wedding Cake Toppers

Perfect for a Christmas or winter wedding these flower wedding cake toppers are beautiful and stylish and make a stunning centrepiece for your wedding cake.

There is something very elegant about fresh flowers adorning a wedding cake and we are sure this selection won’t disappoint.

Choose from the following wedding cake toppers:

Elegant Spray Roses and Ivy are threaded with satin ribbons and diamante pins to create a beautiful arrangement (shown in white above)

Crystal Blush Calla Lily are combined with green leaf foliage, variegated grasses and stunning pearls to create a wonderfully elegant arrangement.

Roses are combined with ivy and pearls which decoratively threaded throughout the topper to create a stylish arrangement (shown in pink above)

Click through the link to also see some beautiful bridal, bridesmaids and flower girl arrangements, not forgetting the gentlemen and wedding party buttonholes.

Willow Tree – Promise Cake Topper “Hold dear the promise of love”

A truly beautiful wedding cake topper that’s full of romance and love. Made by the very popular brand Willow Tree this wedding cake topper won’t disappoint. Perfect for your wedding day and also makes a wonderfully special keepsake after the big event for you to cherish forever.

Made from resin the willow tree figurine stands at 6 inches (15cm) tall and is of a husband and wife in loving embrace with one another. The lovely thing about this wedding cake topper is that it appears to have a different view depending on which side you look at it from, look at it from one angle and the couple appear to be kissing, change your view and the couple appear to be lovingly dancing together, an elegant piece that captures the sentiment of your wedding day perfectly.

This figurine would make the perfect anniversary gift to remind you and your partner of the special day you shared.

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Dog Lovers Wedding Cake Topper

The perfect wedding cake topper for dog lovers who want to personalise their wedding day to something they love. These two Dalmatians are one of the cutest ways to top your wedding cake.

The doggy groom is dressed up in top hat and tails with a bow tie that matches the brides outfit and bouquet, who could resist those puppy eyes? The canine duo are in a sitting position and measure 16.5cm tall.

Brought to you by Toni Goffe from the Border Fine Arts Studio, this doggy bride and groom are made of clay, which means you can take them home after your big day and give them pride of place in your home.

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Mobile Phone Fanatics Bride & Groom Cake Toppers

mobile couple wedding cake topperThis bride and groom on their mobiles wedding cake topper is a great way to add a little light hearted fun to your special day. Made from hand painted porcelain and measuring 5.5 inches this topper is a must for the couple who are maybe a little guilty of being on their iphone or Blackberry a little too often!

Humorous wedding cake toppers are becoming more and more popular with people who fancy something a little more tongue in cheek than the normal traditional wedding cake topper.

We have a wide range of humorous wedding cake toppers to suit many different hobbies or little jokes between you and your partner, click here (couples or individuals) to see our full range of humorous wedding cake toppers and afterwards why not click on our new range of wedding cakes, which I am sure you will agree are beautiful.

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Ball and Chain Humerous Wedding Cake Topper

This great wedding cake topper of a bride & groom with a ball and chain will brings some light hearted fun to the top of your wedding cake.

Made by Wilton the cake topper is just over 4 inches high with a base that measures 3.5 inches wide. The groom is in a sitting position, his head in his hands with the ball and chain attached to his leg. The bride stands next to him triumphantly holding out the keys with one hand and her other hand on her hip.

This is a truly lovely wedding cake topper with just the right amount of humour to show your funny side on your wedding day.

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