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Humorous “Love Match” Rugby Wedding Cake Topper

Humorous Love Match Rugby Wedding Cake TopperThis humorous rugby themed wedding cake topper is the perfect way to put a little light hearted fun into your wedding day. The topper stands at 115mm tall which is 4.25 inches for those of you who work in imperial measurements. This wedding cake topper figurine is made from resin and is hand painted and finished to a high standard.

The groom is depicted carrying a rugby ball and running on the grass towards the touchline, whilst his beautiful bride has her arms around his waist clinging on for the ride in full wedding dress. This wedding cake topper is perfect for the family who love “egg ball” and it’s guaranteed to be a wonderful talking point on the wedding day. Ideal for on top of your wedding cake but also perfect for use with cupcake stands or a personal, fun way to decorate your wedding tables as centrepieces.

Buy this sports themed Rugby Wedding Cake Topper for £19.99