Traditional Toppers

If you’re looking for a traditional wedding cake topper then look no further! On this page we have a selection of “couples” as well as “individuals” available from all over the web.

If you’re looking for something more casual and fun then check out our humorous couple and individual wedding cake toppers.

Below is a range of single traditional wedding cake topper figurines that can be combined to make the perfect couple!

One of the most traditional types of wedding cake toppers are the simple bride and groom figurines. Bride and Groom figurines can be purchased in either sitting or standing positions and can be placed either side by side or face to face depending on how you would like them to look.

You can buy these traditional wedding cake toppers in pairs or individually. The beauty of being able to purchase the figurines as an individual item is that if you are having a same sex wedding / civil partnership (lesbian / gay) you can just purchase the figurines that you need.

You can match your bride and groom wedding cake topper to how you and your partner personally look, so if you have blonde hair and your partner has brown then you can buy figurines that will match your individual hair colourings.

Figurines that match your skin tone or your religious beliefs are becoming more and more common. For example if you are Jewish there is a wedding topper where the groom is wearing the traditional skull cap (the kippah).

Also available are wedding cake toppers that match your ethnic background for example there are Indian figurines in more traditional wedding clothing available to place on the top of your wedding cake.

Finally should you wish to move away from the traditional bride and groom toppers you could have a traditional Celtic claddagh ring which is said to symbolise love, friendship and loyalty, a lovely way to symbolise your wedding day whether you are Celtic or not.

It’s your special day and wedding cake toppers have become more available to make it easier for you to personalise your wedding day

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